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Top 10 places to visit in Shimla 2022

Top 10 places to visit in Shimla 2022

Shimla: A story about nature and its splendour! 

Shimla is a beautiful hill town built on seven hills of the great Himalayas. Imagine waking up in the cool Himalayan air, the sun healing your skin, and receiving an invitation to meet by a little creek across deep pine and cedar woods. The village transports you to a bygone era replete with white cascading waterfalls, little glittering creeks, towering peaks, and mysterious hidden forests. Waking up in this idyllic town is so relaxing that you're compelled to forget about the city's regrets and become one with the mountains. It's difficult to leave Shimla after soaking up all of nature's blessings, which are part of the city's attraction.

Shimla is also the state capital, making it one of Himachal Pradesh's most popular tourist sites. Shimla was designated as the British Raj's summer capital due to its agreeable climate and abundant natural beauty. Britishers may have been homesick and attempted to recreate an English hamlet in this town, as evidenced by colonial-era buildings and churches. Since then, tourists have gone to Shimla in big numbers to enjoy their summer and winter vacations, as well as to see Shimla at its most beautiful when it is blanketed with snow. 

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If you have any doubts regarding which place to visit in shimla, then this blog is for you. 


Best places to visit in Shimla  


  • The Ridge

The Ridge is a beautiful pedestrian walkway in Shimla's heart. This tourist attraction, which is located along Mall Road, is among the best places in Shimla. The Ridge acts as a social center for vacationers, with restaurants, stylish cafes, and bars surrounding the street.

It links all of the town's major tourist sites, including Mall Road, Jakhoo Temple, Kali Bari Temple, and Annadale, to name a few. The Mall Road and Scandal Point are also connected by the Ridge.

According to legends, the Maharaja of Patiala had eloped with the British Viceroy's daughter just here. As a result, it was given the name Scandal Point.


Top places to visit in Shimla


  • Kufri

The hill station of Kufri is located about 15 kilometers from the city center. Because of the continuous snowfall in this hill town during the winters, it has acquired the title of "India's Winter Sports Capital." Kufri is one of the places to visit in Shimla for winter sports such as skiing and ice skating.

In this magical hill town surrounded by stunning snow-capped slopes, lush cedar woods, and verdant meadows, adventure addicts will find both calm and thrill. Tourists come to this hill town for the adrenaline thrill of skiing and ice skating, which have been practiced for generations.

This resort hill town was originally part of the Kingdom of Nepal and has a long and illustrious history. Locals recount local folklore about people's lives and problems in the past.


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  • Jakhoo Temple

The highest mountain in Shimla, Jakhoo Hill, is nestled among the pine trees at an elevation of 8000 feet above sea level. The ancient Hanuman temple on Jakhoo Hill has the tallest statue of Lord Hanuman (108 ft.).

Lord Hanuman is said to have stopped here for a time on his journey to acquire Sanjeevani Booti to ensure Lakshman's survival. The hill provides magnificent views of the Himalayas in all their splendor, making it one of Shimla's most popular tourist destinations. If you have any doubts regarding what to see in Shimla, Jakhoo Temple, is among the top 10 places to visit in Shimla.

It is not possible to drive all the way to the top of the hill, guests enjoy a short hike through the lush deodar forests. Because of the variety of activities available, the temple attracts both nature lovers and pilgrims. On your trip to Shimla, don't forget to stop by the tranquil Jakhoo Temple.


Places to visit near shimla


  • Christ Church

Christ Church, which is located on the Ridge, is North India's second oldest church. The structure features neo-Gothic architecture, indicating its colonial-era origins. One of the most popular things to do in Shimla is to visit the Christ Church.

The stained-glass windows, stunning frescos, and clock tower are all highlights of this architectural marvel. Christ Church is the best place to visit in Shimla if you're searching for a quiet space to reconnect with yourself.

The huge yellow edifice glows brightly in the morning, spreading hope and happiness, and its shadow at night provides certainty and tranquillity in the face of life's uncertainties. Early in the morning or during church prayer are the best times to visit this church.


Best places to visit in Shimla


  • Chadwick Falls

The Chadwick Falls are a white cascading splendour tucked among the deep pine and deodar trees. This particular feature is a visual delight as it cascades down the gorge. The falls plunge from a height of 86 metres, creating a true natural artwork.

Chadwick Falls is one of the natural attractions in Shimla, drawing nature lovers from all over the world to this state of mountains, meadows, waterfalls, and streams.

The greatest time to see the Chadwick Falls is during the monsoon season, between July and September when the water level rises and the falls are at their most spectacular.


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  • Summer Hill

The Summer Hill is a Shimla neighbourhood located 5 kilometres from the capital city. It is one of the best places near Shimla because of its magnificent natural beauty of thick flora. This attraction's perspectives provide unobstructed panoramic views of hills surrounded by lush pine and deodar forests, with a changeable sky in the background.

Summer Hill is also known as Potter's Hill since it was once where potters gathered clay to manufacture pots. The hill is one of the seven hills that make up Shimla's hill town, ensuring that nature's spectacular beauty is in full bloom, filling your heart with pleasure and happiness.


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  • Annandale 

Do you want to play cricket in the midst of hills and trees? One of the nicest spots to visit in Shimla is Annandale. This top places to visit in Shimla is a great place to visit during your summer vacations because of its gorgeous views and lush foliage.

Annandale was a centre for adventure sports like as polo, cricket, and racing during the British Raj. The race track, however, has been converted into a mini golf course that also serves as a helipad, making it a safe haven for all golfers.

This low landscape, located 4 kilometres from the Ridge, offers breathtaking views of beautiful meadows and lush-green woodlands. On your trip to this lovely tourist destination, don't forget to stop at the Annandale Army Heritage Museum.


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  • Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies was erected as a house for the then Viceroy of India, Lord Dufferin, and is a significant piece of India's colonial history. It was known as the Viceregal Lodge at the time, and it was the first building in Shimla to have an electricity connection.

It became known as the Rashtrapati Niwas when it served as the summer getaway for the country's President after independence. Dr. Radhakrishnan founded the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in 1965 to enhance India's arts and humanities.

It is also the iconic structure where the decision to separate India into Pakistan and East Pakistan was made. The institute is well-known for its rich historical heritage and elegant English architecture. This place is among the Shimla best places


Best route to visit Shimla from Delhi


  • Tara Devi Temple

The magnificent Tara Devi Temple is placed atop Tara Parvat Hill. The temple is one of the best places to visit in Shimla, with its peaceful landscape of steep peaks, rich oak woodlands, and beautiful skies.

The wooden deity was brought all the way from West Bengal to the temple, which is thought to be 250 years old. Goddess Tara, a Tibetan Buddhist goddess and one of Goddess Durga's nine incarnations, is the temple's presiding deity.

Tara Devi, which has a number of temples in Shimla, attracts not just devout followers but also aficionados of great architecture. The temple, which is set in a quiet environment, radiates peaceful vibrations that allow worshippers to connect with their souls and find solace in their simple existence.


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  • Shimla State Museum

The Shimla State Museum, commonly known as the Himachal State Museum, is located on Mount Pleasant among the beautifully groomed lawns. The museum, which was built in the style of a colonial mansion, preserves the state's rich cultural legacy.

The Shimla State Museum houses a diverse collection of handicrafts, coins, miniature paintings, weaponry, and coins discovered throughout the hill town. Metal idols from numerous temples across the Himalayas make up the most remarkable collection. History buffs will find themselves in a paradise among the walls that house the relics of a bygone era. Various scriptures on display in the museum tell old stories about life in the Himalayan villages. On your visit, make sure you don't miss out on this fantastic treasury of history.

As we near the end of our tour, we cannot dispute that Shimla is one of India's most popular hill stations. Shimla is surely an escape to a complete world filled with beauty, calm, and pure joy, thanks to Shimla tour places, magnificent natural beauty, the simple lifestyle of the town, and the welcoming hearts of the residents. The hill town, which has won a place in history as the British Raj's summer capital, is reminiscent of an English village nestled amid the tranquil landscape provided by the towering Himalayas. The resort hill town's limitless beauty echoes in a traveler's heart, beckoning him to visit and explore its lanes and lost woods.

Top places to explore in Shimla


Frequently Asked Questions about Best places to visit in Shimla

Ques. What is the famous of Shimla?

Ans. Shimla is a beautiful hill station. Shimla is known for its cool, pleasant climate and its scenic beauty. The city is surrounded by pine forests and has many tourist attractions, including the Viceregal Lodge, Christ Church, and Jakhoo Temple. Shimla is most famous for adventure sports and snow activities.


Ques. What should we buy in Shimla?

Ans. Shimla is also known for its shopping, and there are a number of things that you can buy while you are here. Some of the things that you can buy in Shimla include traditional Himachali handicrafts, woolen garments, and jewelry. You can also buy Tibetan carpets and rugs, which are available in a variety of colours and designs. Shimla is also a good place to buy books, as there are a number of bookstores that sell both Indian and international titles.

Ques. What should I pack for Kufri?

Ans. If you're planning a trip to Kufri, you'll need to pack accordingly. The weather in Kufri can be quite cold, so make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes. A heavy coat, scarf, and hat are a must. And don't forget your camera! Kufri is a beautiful place and you'll want to capture as many memories as possible. You must carry these things mentioned on our List Of Essential Things To Carry While Travelling To Hills Station

Ques. What food is famous in Shimla?

Ans. Shimla is known for its delicious food, which includes traditional Indian dishes as well as international cuisine. The city is home to many restaurants and cafes that serve up mouth-watering food. Some of the most popular dishes in Shimla include momos, thali, and chow mein. There are also many bakeries and sweet shops in the city that offer delicious treats like cakes, pastries, and biscuits.

Ques. Is Shimla worth going?

Ans. There is no doubt that Shimla is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is known for its scenic beauty and pleasant weather. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Shimla to enjoy its natural beauty and escape the heat of the plains.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before planning a trip to Shimla. First of all, the town is quite crowded during the peak tourist season, which is from April to June. This is the time when the weather is at its best, but you will have to deal with large crowds of people. Secondly, the prices of accommodation and other tourist activities are also quite high during this period.

So, if you are looking to visit Shimla on a budget, it is best to travel during the off-season, from October to March. The weather is still pleasant during this time, although you may have to deal with a few cold days. And, most importantly, the prices of accommodation and other tourist activities are much lower during the off-season.

Ques. What is the old name of Shimla?

Ans. Shimla was formerly known as Simla, a name derived from the Hindu goddess Shyamala Devi. It is the capital city of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and is located in the northern part of the country. Shimla is a popular tourist destination and is known for its scenic beauty. The city was also the summer capital of the British Raj in India.

Ques. Which is higher Shimla or Manali?

Ans. Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is higher than Manali, a popular hill station in the state. Shimla is located at an altitude of 2,196 metres, while Manali is at an altitude of 1,926 metres. This means that Shimla is about 270 metres higher than Manali. Shimla is also a more popular tourist destination than Manali and is frequented by both domestic and international tourists.

Ques. What language is spoken in Shimla?

Ans. Hindi is the main language spoken in Shimla. However, English is also widely spoken and is the language of instruction in schools. Other languages spoken in Shimla include Punjabi, Nepali, and Tibetan.


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