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Top 10 Places to visit for Honeymoon in India

Top 10 Places to visit for Honeymoon in India

Selecting the perfect honeymoon destination is the most difficult decision made after marriage. There are many unique destinations in India where you may spend your honeymoon, which would spark romance between you and your partner. You might find several different and special honeymoon paradises thanks to India's diversity and glory. We rank among Delhi's top travel agencies. Below is a list of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India that we have created.


  • Kerala

This is Venice's Eastern. This destination is a popular honeymoon destination for both locals and visitors all throughout the year. Houseboating or romantic cruises in the backwaters, notably in Alleppey, are the most popular honeymoon activities. Young couples find the peacefulness of exploring the canals, lakes, and rivers particularly romantic. The romantic destination of fantasy is Munnar in Kerala. For couples looking for a honeymoon vacation with an outdoor theme, there are numerous tea farms, mountains for trekking, and other tourist locations rich in nature.

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  • Andaman and Nicobar Island

Do you desire a honeymoon destination in the Hollywood style? For couples seeking a romantic beach honeymoon in the Bahamas, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a top-notch choice. You would experience love and romance from the flora, animals, warm sandy beaches, hammocks shaded by palm trees, and many more factors. Swimming in the gorgeous lagoons is the honeymoon activity that this island sees the most out of the activities that attract lots of honeymooners including scuba diving, glass boat excursions, and windsurfing.

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  • Jammu and Kashmir

For those seeking a honeymoon destination that is truly magical, this is the place to go. High mountains, snow-capped hills, beautiful places covered in snow, Mughal gardens, lush valleys, exotic flower gardens, and many other features make this the perfect honeymoon destination for couples considering a winter wedding.

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  • Uttarakhand

For those looking for an exciting honeymoon in the snow, this is the place. There are several destinations in Uttarakhand for young couples, from the lovely Nanital to the snow-covered Auli. The Mukteshwar romantic walk through apricot orchards and agricultural fields is the most romantic place around. In these highlands, you may also experience locally flavored chocolates.

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top 10 honeymoon destinations in India


  • Goa

This is the destination for couples seeking a luxurious honeymoon complete with palm-lined beaches, historic churches, water sports, and other activities. In Goa, there are numerous beaches from which you can choose one that suits your preferences. Beaches brimming with water sports and other attractions make for an adrenaline-pumping honeymoon. For those who prefer some alone time with their special someone in a hammock, there are other beaches with little to no traffic.

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  • Gujarat

The best time to visit Kutch for a honeymoon is between December and February. There are numerous things to do here, from shopping to nightlife. The top honeymoon activity, though, is a moonlit meal on the desert sand during a chilly desert night, followed by a desert safari. The best activities for a honeymoon in this location are the vibrant desert safari and wildlife attractions.

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  • Tamil Nadu

This is an excellent place for your romantic getaway if your honeymoon is scheduled to take place between October and March. There are numerous locations for honeymooners, ranging from the exotic forest of Valparai to the Nilgiri Hills. Ooty and Kodaikanal are the best options in this area for a honeymoon in the style of a hill station. The best options if you're looking for a cool location with lots of attractions are Coonoor and Coimbatore. If you're seeking a beach, Kanyakumari is where you should go.


Best places to visit for honeymoon in India


  • Rajasthan

Rajasthan should be your only option if you want to go on a royal honeymoon. This location provides everything you need to make your honeymoon a romantic and spectacular one, from lake cruises to camel-back desert safaris. In Rajasthan, between October and February, honeymooners travel. The Jaisalmer desert festival takes place at this time. Some of the finest honeymooning activities and locations in Rajasthan include riding an elephant, a fine desert moonlit dinner, sightseeing in Udaipur, and seeing Mount Abu.

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  • Himachal Pradesh

Why travel to Switzerland when you can spend your honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh? The nation's capital for honeymoon travel is Shimla. Shimla is the most popular honeymoon destination because of its lush and plush hills, snow-covered mountains and valleys, and numerous other beautiful locations. If you're interested in adventure sports

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  • Darjeeling

In West Bengal, this is a tiny hill station. For those who desire a honeymoon in the style of a hill station, this is the most tranquil location. Toy train, Tiger Hills, Batasia Loop, and Singamari Ropeway are a few of the main locations where you can discover lots of honeymooners. In the entire nation, this is the location with the most tranquility. The summer is the ideal time to go if you want to go with friends or family. But for a romantic getaway, winter in Darjeeling would work wonders.

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