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Top 10 Best places to take a road trip in India

Top 10 Best places to take a road trip in India

A road trip is a fantastic way to escape the boredom of everyday life. It will also serve as a stress reliever if you are self-driving. There are so many options for self-drive road trips in India that you will have plenty of options no matter where you live. If you're thinking about taking a road trip soon, here are some choices for India's top self-drive holiday destinations.

Top 10 Best Road Trips In India

We all desire a road trip to get away from our daily routines. However, we often continue to plan but never take action. This list of the top 10 road trips from India can satisfy your wanderlust. We hope that the variety and number of options will finally encourage you to leave your desks and go wheeling.

  • Delhi To Manali To Leh: 1,019 Kms
  • Mumbai To Goa: 590 Kms
  • Guwahati To Tawang: 566 Kms
  • Jaipur To Jaisalmer: 555 Kms
  • Ahmedabad To Kutch: 454 Kms
  • Mumbai To Mount Abu: 758 Kms
  • Darjeeling To Pelling: 72.8 Kms
  • Chennai To Yelagiri: 230 Kms
  • Dehradun To Nainital: 278 Kms
  • Bangalore To Coorg: 242 Kms


1. Delhi To Manali To Leh: Every Biker’s First Love

A road trip over the Himalayas will always be accompanied by breathtaking scenery. The Delhi-Manali-Leh road trip is one of the best in India and an exceedingly fascinating tour to undertake. Though the roads may be a little difficult and tricky on the journey to Leh, the breathtaking scenery more than compensates. Every courageous traveler should take this road journey.

The best time to visit Leh from Manali is in the summer or in the middle of October. The journey could take up to 15 hours. You will have to drive through snow-covered roads if you schedule your vacation after October.


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2. Mumbai To Goa: Dil Chahta Hai Vibes

If you enjoyed the movie version, you'll enjoy the real version much more! If you're traveling by car, it's best to use the Pune-Kolhapur route because it's a safer, smoother road. Take the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Route if you're looking for the grandeur of the Western Ghats and fewer toll booths along the way. It's rocky, tricky, and tight sections. The Karnal Bird Sanctuary can be visited when traveling between Chiplun and Ratnagiri. The months of December and January are ideal for this road trip.

The best time to visit Mumbai from Goa is from the middle of September to March. The journey could take up to 10-12 hours. 


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3. Guwahati To Tawang: Monks, Mountains & Morning Prayer

The road trip provides breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains as well as opportunities to learn about the wonders of Buddhist culture in the North-East. Driving up the hill's twisty slopes takes skill and experience. The best time to go on this road trip is between March and October, as the roads may be closed due to snow during the rest of the year.


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4. Jaipur To Jaisalmer: From Pink To The Golden City

As you ride from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, take in the colours, culture, and beauty of Rajasthan by passing through the many villages that line the roadways. Make a pit stop at Jodhpur to sample the real Rajasthani flavors and heritage. On the way, one can stop by the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. This route's roads are in excellent condition, ensuring a comfortable ride.

On your road trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, you will get a sample of Rajasthan's traditional cuisine. There are various tourist sites in Jaisalmer that you will be able to see once you arrive. You can even stop by Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary on your way there.


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5. Ahmedabad To Kutch: A Stretch Of White Horizons

The breathtaking white scenery, miles and miles of arid desert, and the color contrasts of the local population would make any road journey worthwhile. The roads are in good shape, though it is best to travel to Kutch early in the morning to avoid traffic jams. To buy local handicrafts, one must go to the Wild Ass Sanctuary and the adjoining Hodko village. 

The best time to visit from Ahmedabad to Kutch is between October and March. Make an effort to arrive at a time when the full moon is visible in Kutch.


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6. Mumbai To Mount Abu: From Urban Glitter To Peace & Tranquility

You will experience the cultures of three states on your journey from Mumbai to Mount Abu such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. You'll begin in the busiest metropolis and travel via cities and villages to reach the hill station. It will be a one-of-a-kind excursion from a densely populated city to a sparsely populated hill station. The roads are well-kept, and there are various dhabas along the way. Visit a variety of dhabas to taste food from diverse states. Although the journey will be lengthy, it will be exciting.


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7. Darjeeling To Pelling: Through The Kingdom Of Tea Gardens

If you truly want to experience heaven on Earth, you must take a road trip from Darjeeling to Pelling in Eastern India. Beautiful vistas, tall mountains, and verdant green tea gardens, to name a few, will surround you on your road trip. This excursion will take you to a number of culinary joints where you may taste some scrumptious momos, noodles, and tea. It is best to avoid the plan during the monsoon season, as roads can become clogged due to severe rainfall.

The best time to visit from Darjeeling To Pelling is between March and June & then between September and December, as the roads may get blocked during the winter and rainy seasons. The roads are in excellent shape and provide a pleasant trip.


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8. Chennai To Yelagiri: Green Valleys, Rose Gardens & Fruit Orchards

Nature lovers will fall head over heels for this fairy-tale-like road journey through the South's amazing greens, hills, and water attractions. The road journey is highly popular among bikers, thanks to the abundant forested hills and dangerous-looking trekking tracks. A huge number of hairpin bends on the hills add to the adventure component of this road journey, putting one's driving skills to the test.

The best time to visit Chennai from Yelagiri is from October to February. During the monsoon season, the route should be avoided due to the high risk of landslides and road closures.


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9. Dehradun To Nainital: Hills, Valleys, Streams & Lakes

From one lovely hill point to the next, ride among Nature's beauties while enjoying the refreshing weather. The roads are in excellent shape, and the twists and turns give adventure enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience.


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10. Bangalore To Coorg: From Concrete Jungles To Pristine Hills

For nature enthusiasts, a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg is a real treat. Coorg, one of the best hill stations in the South, is bordered by the Western Ghats and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding surroundings. Except for a few places here and there, the roads on this route are in good shape.


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